Archived Helpful & Interesting Articles

Swinging Sixties, endless editors and a mega supply of Kleenex….the journey to publication for Only One Woman by Jane Risdon

Writing True Crime by JoAnne Myers

Appreciating the magic moments, that sweep you away by Sonya Hudson

All the Resolutions You Should Make for 2018 by Jen Coken

More Wise Words from Tim Clark

What is This Thing Called Creativity? Where does it come from? by J.L. Canfield

Upcycled Stories by Kim Fleet

Starting Out as a Writer by Sue Fortin

My Epiphany by Lannah Sawers-Diggins

Kritikme. Why not write a novel in 90 days?

Song-writing By Jane Risdon © 2017

It’s All in the Detail by Penny Legg

Thoughts About Being a Memoirist by Pam Munter

Padding in Writing – Do You Use It? by Kit Domino

The Secret of my ‘Overnight Success’ by Elaine Everest

The English Manor Part 1: The Land by Mercedes Rochelle

Writing in the Fantasy Genre by Melissa A. Joy

Writing romance… what’s the trick? by Mandy Baggott

Getting Ideas and Inspiration – Quick! By Kathryn Elizabeth Jones

Writing Short Stories for Christmas by Rachel Dove

Writing a Book-That’s Easy – Anyone Can Do It by Barbara Spencer-Jones

Fascinating Me: Writing in an Age of Narcissism by Pam Munter

When Reporting the News, Keep it Real by Sylvia Riojas Vaughan

Edit Thyself? by Aviva Gittle

“How I Became a Writer” written by: Victoria Fillmore

How to Write an E-BOOK in Bite Sized Chunks by Mandie Cran

How To Write Comedy – By Tanya Butler


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