Façade by Eliza Segiet





she met

with the past.


She was hoping

that she was gone into oblivion.

Now she knows that she will not be silent.

Those days still entice.


On a short, one-way

—like life—street

she wanted to see an old house

with a wall that was marked

by her love.


Someone was renovating the façade.

He painted over the signs

and shouted from above:


do not worry, it’ll be fine!


The same words she has heard before,


this voice sounded different:


do not worry, it’ll be fine.


On the wall

of a townhouse without a future

there was no more sign of time.


On a short, one-way

—like life—street

one can paint over words,


but there is no paint

for erasing memory.


Translated by Artur Komoter


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