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Only One Woman

Hello OOWzers (fans of Only One Woman) and everyone.

A quick update on what has been going on since our last feature.

Since our draw when the 1960s movie star, Adrienne Posta, picked three names in our draw to win a signed copy each of Only One Woman, we’ve also had another book launch. This time in Abingdon, when the fabulous Storm Grayson – The Writers Newsletter – made a much appreciated effort to come and see us again. She was at Cardiff too.

Our launch was in a fabulous Indie book shop, The Bookstore, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, on 9th June. We had a DJ, Rob, playing hits from 1968/69 who was on hand to answer questions about the bands and the songs he played – a real expert on the era.

Christina’s daughter decorated the store with lots of balloons which passing kiddies kept asking to have – or to buy – and if we’d given them all away we’d have been left without any.

The window display was gorgeous. A large guitar, lots of singled (vinyl) hanging and placed around copies of Only One Woman and posters too. There was an old radio in the window too. Really eye-catching and exciting to see.

Lots of readers dropped in to see us – mainly long-term fans of Christina’s who wanted to meet her and have their books signed, but some asked me to sign their books too, which was nice of them. There were flowers for Christina from a very long-term fan and then another lady gave both Christina and I a lovely floral display too. How lovely!

We signed books, chatted and laughed a lot and had photos taken – lots of them – and getting to know Ian Collett and Jane Karpa who owned the store, was fab. Christina has launched books there before, and in face some 20 years ago my husband and I popped in to one of her signings on one of our rare trips back to the UK from America. So it was a strange feeling to be with her during a launch in my own right, and not dropping in to support her on her own.

Ian was such an interesting man to chat to. We had lots in common. He worked in the music business at around the same time we were working in London with the big record labels. He was with Island/Chrysalis Records on the sales side and often went on Personal Appearances with artists. He was highly entertaining with his tales of working with the Reggae acts, especially Bob Marley. And, we exchanged a lot of stories about the less salubrious side of the business which had me telling him about the Hitman who came to one of our London shows, and he telling us about the manager of a Super Group. We both exchanged stories about record companies and managers who kept guns in their offices and how we’d come to find out!

We had the Abingdon Blogger drop in for a copy of Only One Woman for his wife and he went home happy and to write up his report of how the day went.

As I write Only One Woman is through to Round Two in the voting for ‘Favourite Co-written Tale,’ award with Wild Dreams Publishing. We don’t know who nominated us, but we are grateful. We led the first round, we are second in the second round and hope to go through to the third round and of course, win. Please vote for us if the voting is still open. Appreciated.

Scroll down to our category.

With so many of our readers off on holiday we have been running (for fun) a competition to see who can post a photo of themselves with a copy of Only One Woman (Kindle or Paperback) in the most exotic, the funniest, or of the photo taken in the farthest country and we might (might!) have something for the winner.  Even pets have got in on the act. Should be fun. So far we have had photos taken in Australia, Russia and Cyprus. So keep the photos coming OOWzers.

That is all our news for now. Do please keep buying and loving Only One Woman, in Paperback from Waterstones and good indie book stores (ask for it if you don’t see it, they will order it (delivery is often within 24 hours) and you can buy/order it in overseas branches we are told.

ISBN: 9781783757329.

And of course you can order it (again in Europe and other countries) from Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, etc.


Only One Woman is also on sale via Simon & Schuster in Northern America: ISBN: 9781682994252

You can find links and more information on our Facebook Page:

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We love to hear from our readers, any thoughts on our novel, questions and feed-back in general and if you are inclined to leave a review for us with Amazon and GoodReads we’d be thrilled.

Until next time, thanks for your interest in Only One Woman. We both appreciate it no end. Thanks Storm and The Writers Newsletter for your continued support, we appreciate it now end.

Jane and Christina. xx

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News from David Perlmutter (book to movie news)

Here is an update on the development of the #BookToMovie BESTSELLER #WrongPlaceWrongTime

So, last Tuesday myself and my editor had an hour Skype chat with the scriptwriters for Wrong Place Wrong Time. The screenplay is being currently being written by two of UK’s top screenwriters, who have been involved in many film productions and TV dramas.

We chatted about the sub plots and how the characters will be developed. We spoke about who would play me, the leading lady Rosa and another of the female characters, whose name is Mrs Evans and yet again, Anna Friel’s name was mentioned a few times. Also, some of the top UK actors who could potentially play the lead role and some of the other male characters were also mentioned and that is the part I cannot wait for. Once the screenplay is written and complete, then it’s down to casting. This is the exciting piece in the jigsaw for me, why? Well, we will discover who will be playing me. Also, The Son of Elvis was mentioned, and who would play him, I’ve always thought he was a great supporting character in the book.

To obtain a real sense and feel for the story, the screenwriters have had to read the book many times of course, but to hear from them that each time they read it they are still grippedby the story line, open-mouthed, with their hearts beating faster, well to hear these words, like I did on Tuesday, makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.   

“If we’re still gripped with the book after reading it 4 or 5 times, can you imagine someone reading it for the first time.”

There’s still is a long way to go till we do see my book to movie adaption of course. The producers want to make the prefect movie, and so do I. But I will keep you updated on a regular basis.

Thank you for all your support. 

One final note, they have requested for me to update them on the WhatsApp group of any further reviews that may come in on Amazon, Waterstones, Goodreads and from my publishing company. All I can say is that the group has been inundated with messages from me as the reviews are received daily from around the world.

If you wish to check out the many 100’s of reviews, click the universal link to my Amazon page!


The DCI Cyril Bennett Harrogate Crime Series from Malcolm Hollingdrake


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