Traditional & Modern Poetry & Prose for August



The Ghost of an Indifferent Heart by Dave Dutton-Fraser

The Prestidigitator by Troy DeFrates

Your Presence by Deborah Ray

A Divine Bargain by Neetu Malik

Instead of Saying it Everyday by Agnieszka Wiktorowska-Chmielewska

“I Adore You” by Mazher Hussain Abdul Ghani

Nature Girl by Suzy Davies

Dandelion Wine by Kelli J. Gavin

Serenity Docked by Troy DeFrates

“I Live In Your Presence” by Mazher Hussain Abdul Ghani

The Art of Flying by Anna Banasiak

Gone But Not Forgotten by Kelli J Gavin

” Morning blues” by Sheena Pillai Singh

I Can Make It by Deborah Ray


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