Writers Group and Book Club Membership

NEW Writers Group and Book Club Page

(from August 2017)

Sign Up Here for Membership.

This will entitle you to publish dates, events, workshops, news and discussions.

For a monthly fee of £10 or US$15 (free to be seen by all readers of the newsletter)

Please email: groupmembership@thewritersnewsletter.com and you will be invoiced through PayPal



The Writers Newsletter accepts no responsibility for the content of any information published in the Newsletter in respect of any club or group. Readers should note that the inclusion of anything in respect of groups or clubs in no way implies approval or recommendation of either the terms of any offer contained in it. Information published on these pages does not influence editorial decisions or content. The Writers Newsletter reserves the right to refuse, reject, or cancel any submission for any reason at any time without liability.

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